Hello my fallow anglers! This is a fishing report from Capt Yoan Alvarez.
Fishing in South Florida it’s always a great experience, whatever species are you targeting, can become a regarding day, large mouth bass on the everglades for example is pretty good, my clients had been catching lots of numbers 100+ and a few of those we call it biggans” 5+ mixed up. Holiday park, L67, Sawgrass all are good right now with the water level low. Top water baits ,frogs ,swimming jigs, big worms and swimbait are good
Lake Okeechobee in other hands , it’s been given some giants bags in tournaments days and guides with live baits as well, on the artificial side, buzzing baits, frogs,swimming baits like the bigEz from gamblers lures, stick type baits like zenko are a good choice, the main key is “find clear water” bigO is a big lake but it’s fishing pretty small in areas.
Going back down south, the famous Peacock bass is also pretty good , Miami canals and ponds , producing days of 20 to 30 fish and some of them 5+ being a 7,1/2 the biggest this year on my trips, again live baits are the best way to catch them but artificial lures like spooks, small jerkbaits and hair jigs can be very efficient way too.

So if  you’re thinking about fishing in South Florida ,this is the time to do it, you can do it yourself or hire a guide, there’s a bunch of good captains here , just be sure you hire a professional

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Fishing in South Florida

and certified one , read the reviews on their websites if they have one.

So hopefully this help you to have a great time in South Florida ,until next time ,tight lines and good fishing!!

Capt Yoan Alvarez .